February 17, 2013


Last Sunday I woke up brightly earlier feeling very excited about the session. After breakfast I headed out to my local garage to get some pizzas and other nibbles for the day. It was then on to collect Caroline, who was going to be documenting the session again. Sadly, Rachel had developed a horrible cough during the week and so didn’t feel well enough to come to the studio.

We when arrived at Chris’ studio JOHN PARKER was already there happily chatting to Chris as it turned out they had worked together a number of years ago! The music world is so small! The set up was really quick and straight forward so we wasted no time in working on the first song. It was wonderful to hear Johns ideas for the songs and to hear the songs take a new dimension with his bassines. The morning went really and having completed 5 songs we headed to the kitchen for pizza, crisps and hot drinks.

During our lunch, Chris’ dog watched our every move! I think he was a secret pizza lover! It was really interesting to chat about music and live shows that John had played in his NIZLOPI days including supporting Prince at the O2 in London. After much musical debate we headed back to the studio to continue work.

The first part of the afternoon went brilliantly completing all the songs with drums pretty quickly. We then began looking the quieter songs which don’t feature drums. One of these was Love’s Tale, which I wrote a few months ago for my sister’s wedding (you can hear a live version on FOUR WALLS). I had been chatting to Polly (our co producer) about reworking the structure of this song and John had some ideas of this own to share. I played the song on various guitars as a guide and after John recorded some bass parts we chopped up and edited the track to a much shorter one than the version on Four Walls. We also realised that the very end section of the song could be a perfect song for a well known DIY shop! (Beginning to, be two….)

We then began work on song called Chasing the Light. John recorded some wonderful basslines with his bow, giving the song a wonderful tension that previously I hadn’t heard in the song.

After 8 hours and 9 songs we started to go a little delirious! So we called it a wrap. A VERY good day!

Have a look at Caroline’s blog and the wonderful photos she took HERE.