SOUNDTRACKING 4 by Rachel (@rai_chull)

June 24, 2012

Hello all…so I’m waiting for the football to start (Possibly to see England go crashing out of the Euro’s…hopefully not however?!) and I’m thinking about what musical delight shall befall your ears via me this fine evening. It isn’t football related don’t worry…although for those that would like to reminisce:

A great footie song…

Almost my favourite…

Hitting the top…and a cover version. It’s my fave purely for this part of the song.

Aaaaannyyyway…back to non-comedy music (not intentionally anyway).

The band I have chosen to feature this week are quite well known in folky circles. They’ve been around for a while; but I’m just getting into them properly, after having their music floating around the old iTunes library for quite some time. They popped up on shuffle a few weeks ago, and I’ve been unable to eject them from my mind. They are Angus and Julia Stone, an Australian brother/sister duo. They’ve been a support act for (to mention a few) Martha Wainwright and the Magic Numbers. You’ll also find that their music lends itself to soundtracks pretty much perfectly, and I’m sure if you look at some of the major movies over the last few years, including Twilight, they’ll be on there! If you’re looking for a Marshall stack, you won’t find it with the stones (not these ones at least!), their music is laid back, intimate, sometimes haunting; but always beautiful. The song I’ve chosen to share is called “Old Friend” rom their album “Memories of an old friend”.

I hope you enjoy the track and check out the rest of their back catalogue. Now, to Roy Hodgeson and the England boys…I can feel myself becoming red Rachel (the stressed version of my usually calm and lovely self) as I type…See you on the other side of quarter finals, wherever that may be!