March 22, 2014


The way I met Mister Keith is rather a funny story. I have known of his music for a number of years, been to shows by his band and listened to his music in my car. Around November last year @verymisterkeith started following me and we started a dialogue. He came to our album launch show in November but it was only when I met Mister Keith a couple of weeks later ( at another gig) did I put it all together! Mister Keith was in fact the very same person whose music I had liked for a long time. Fast forward a few months and he asked me to play at his album launch. He has created a fantastic album, full of lush instrumentation and intriguing lyrics, a modern day James Bond theme maker. I pledged for the album and it is a wonderful creation.

With Mister Keith being a very English gentleman his album launch was not a normal event, oh no, this was being held in a vintage wine warehouse in Warwick. What a place it was!


I arrived to find the band sound checking and filling the space with a delightful sound. Mister Keith had a four piece brass section, three piece string section, double bass, drums, guitar and piano. After the band had completed their soundcheck I had set up and tried out in ear monitors. I had used these things a few years ago and they are brilliant. For those of you who are not musical it is basically ear plugs that let you hear everything you are doing in a crystal clear way. This was a solo show for me which was pretty different for our usual shows. Anyway, I was really pleased with how the soundcheck went and excited about playing.


The doors opened at 7pm and the place filled up really quickly. At 8pm it was time for me to take to the stage, well the playing area as there wasn’t really a stage! The audience were simply delightful; attentive, listening and appreciate. I shared my regular banter around my sisters wedding and the real name of Love’s Tale which amused everyone. My six song set went pretty quickly and I loved every minute of it. Thank you to everyone who clapped and smiled.

Mister Keith and his orchestra played a blindly marvellous collection of songs. The album ‘A Record of Wrongs’ was played from start to finish and it sounded amazing. It is possibly one of the few times that it will ever be heard in this live format. Kate, the lady of the Manor, had arranged all the brass parts and string parts and takes much of the credit for the instrumentation on the album. After the last song everyone carried on drinking the wine and purchased albums, eps and notebooks from the Stylusboy Suitcase Shop. It was lovely chatting to everyone and I even met someone who loved Coventry, which was so lovely as my home city so often gets a bad name for no real reason.

Thank you to Mister Keith and the brilliant audience. Can we do it again sometime please?