December 31, 2011

22Last Thursday I played at Taylor John’s House in Coventry which is a great little venue under the arches right next to Coventry Canal. Via the wonderful world of Twitter Verity Pabla had asked me to play back in October. When I actually left my house to go to the venue I was running pretty late as I had come direct from my third Christmas dinner in three days! I sent Verity a quick text to apologise and headed over. When I arrived I found Verity and her band were still setting up and I was running perfectly on time. I spoke to Sarah (the lovely lady who helps run Taylor Johns) and Drew (the wonderful sound tech!). A few people started arriving while I was sound checking so I didn’t play any of my songs from the set I had sorted. I played some interesting little chords and started to form the ideas of a new song where I just sang some made up words! I will have to see if I can remember it. After I was happy with the sound I met up with Kate from Elegant Savage Magazine and various people from my mailing list and from Twitter. Richard Harrison had come along to take some photos which you can see below. Then I headed to the bar and got myself a camomile tea with fresh lime (as I have said before, I am so rock n roll! haha!)

21By the time I stepped on to stage the room had filled up nicely and people were still coming in. I was really pleased with the way I played, in fact I feel it might have been one of my best performances for quite a while. I really enjoyed the vibe and how to songs just clicked. As I often do I ended with ‘A Song for Noah’ which people responded to very well. After I played I headed over to my little merch stall and spoke to people who came to buy the EP and join the mailing list. I always love meeting people and enjoying talking them, so thank you to everyone who came to speak to me.


After I played Verity took to the stage with her band and played a wonderful set of laid back jazzy pop music. Now she lives in New Zealand I can really hear the vibe of that country coming through in her songs. After Verity Si Hayden played some great little acoustic tunes and showed off his intricate playing style. Then it was the turn of Lyndi, one of Verity’s friends, who played some charming folk song including her own version of the Coventry Carol.

Finally Declan Bennett took to the stage. Again via Twitter Verity and Lyndi had been in touch with Declan, who is based in New York, although he is a Coventry chap. I have liked his music for quite a while and so it was a real treat to see him play some songs I had not heard before. Declan is an actor as well as a singer songwriter and he is a brilliant live performer. We spoke afterwards and talked about maybe doing some shows in the spring which would be exciting.

It was a really great night and I really appreciate everyone coming down. Taylor Johns is definitely becoming my favourite Coventry venue (even more so if they will always serve me camomile and lime tea!!). I am playing there again on January 18th, here is the FACEBOOK EVENT. So I said that Richard Harrison came down to take some photos, here is the slide show of his images. Brilliant photos again…