The Barricades Rise album launch party…

July 5, 2011

A couple of months ago Barricades Rise got in touch and asked me if I would support them at that their album launch. I immediately agreed and added it as a date to the Whole Picture tour!

So the Friday of the launch came, I set off in my little Nissan Micra and I arrived in Nuneaton in good time having followed the brilliant instructions Michael given me! I still managed to mess them up the parking instructions! I drove into the train station having missed the turn for the parking! I eventually found my way into the carpark and headed over the venue. I walked in and couldn’t see any signs for the upstairs room but I just headed to the toilets (later I discovered that I was actually walking to the ladies toilets!!) and then found the stairs to the upstairs. When I opened the door I found an amazing looking room and the Rise boys doing a final sound check. They had spent a long time setting up the room and making the stage look very cool! Their wives had also arranged the most organised merch stall I had ever seen!

I quickly soundchecked and then waited for the doors to open. The venue filled up very rapidly and I made my way to the side of the stage a few minutes before I was due on stage. My voice had been feeling a bit dry so I spent a while warming my voice up as well as tuning my guitar. I started my set after a lovely introduction from Michael. Here is ‘Something Worth Keeping’ which was kindly filmed by Mart from the Music Abyss Blog.

I really enjoyed my set which I went really well. People listened and watched very closely. I spotted a few familiar faces from my mailing list as well as Esh and Mart from The Music Abyss Blog. Esh had asked me to play Gunfight which I made sure I included in my set. I did manage to mess the words up slightly, but no one noticed!

After my set I spent time talking and meeting people who bought copies of the EP.  This is always one of the best parts of playing live, actually chatting to people afterwards. I also did a surprise radio interview with Dave, from Sunflower FM which was lovely.

Barricades Rise played two sets over the night and their fans loved every minute of it. The songs from their new album were great and I was particularly touched by the song dedicated to Michael’s sister who had passed away 2 years ago. After a second set and the amazing raffle they played a great encore and left the stage with everyone wanting more. I spend more time chatting to people, signing eps and generally having a very lovely evening.

Thanks alot to everyone who purchased the Ep and joined the mailing list. Please do keep in touch. Thanks again to Barricades Rise for inviting me to play and to Esh and Mart for the photos and video.