April 15, 2014


On Sunday 20th April myself and Wes Finch (Coventry based folk / americana musician extraordinaire ) are hosting a songwriters circle night at the wonderful BLUE BISTRO in Coventry. The Clap Hand Music Club, named after a Tom Waits song, is something we have talked about for a long time. We wanted to host a cosy evening of live music where people can hear the stories behind people’s songs and find out a bit more about the artists.

The very brilliant JESS MORGAN and SUZY INDYGO will be joining us as we take it in turns to play a song and chat about our influences and inspirations. We are making the entrance a ‘Pay what you want’ price as a bit of an experiment. We don’t want to put a set price on the music, you can pay what you feel it right for you. There will be chance to ask the artists questions, enter a raffle, buy merch and eat the wonderful food with a 25% discount.


So… Sunday 20th April at 6pm (music from 7pm, with an interval half way through) at Blue Bristro in Coventry. The Facebook event is HERE. We would love to see you there.




Here are some videos of the artists if you are not familiar with them: