March 12, 2015

So it is a new month and time for another song from the Duvet Collection. This month it is (drum roll please….) my version of U2’s ‘I Still Haven’t Found What I am Looking For’. This is a song that I have always found lyrically interesting and have played it a few times at shows. I have made this a more downbeat (this seems to be a pattern doesn’t it?) version and played about with the original chords. I am enjoying creating these recordings for you as it is giving me a lovely chance to try a lot of things out in my home studio. Again, as with the song last month, my wife has joined me on the track by adding a gorgeous little organ part. You can download the track from BANDCAMP for free. Your support and help to share this song would be amazing. Facebook is making it increasingly challenging for artists to get themselves heard so you can really help me yo be heard by sharing the SOUNDCLOUD link on your wall.