The Godiva Festival…

July 7, 2011

Last weekend it was The Godiva Festival in Coventry which has been going for 11 years I think! It is free and only 15 minutes from where I live so it is brilliant! A festival experience  but sleeping in my own bed!

So last Friday I headed down to catch the second half of the local bands playing for a chance to play main stage the following day. I caught the  hot knives who really got the crowd going. Shockparade played last, who last year played Reading and Leeds festivals. They were proper good! A kind of Doves and underworld mix, they actually won the chance to play on main stage the next day.

On Saturday I watched the mainstage appearance of Shockparade and they played really well and started the mainstage off in a very good mood. Later in the day I saw Young Knives, who I really enjoyed and Ghost Poet who was stunning. I stayed to see headliners Athlete too, who I really like. I remember see them down at local venue The Kasbah on their very first tour with about 20 other people! Just a small contrast to this headline slot! You can read reviews on The Music Abyss Blog.

Sunday was the day I was playing. I parked up my car and headed over to the stage to check everything was running on time. I was really looking forward to the gig as lots of people had agreed to come, especially lots of people from Twitter. After a quick look round and a toilet stop I collected my guitar, bag and merch case from my car. As I started to set up the audience filled up nicely with faces from my mailing list and new faces too, which was very exciting! The Godiva Festival twitter team came down after lots of people had been tweeting about me. They recorded an audio boo and took some photos!

My set went well. It’s always fun playing festivals as you never know who is going to pop along and watch you. The stage had brilliant surround sound which allowed everyone to listen to everything I did! Richard, one of my friends from Twitter came to took loads of photos, as did lots of other people. Doni from my mailing list came along and kindly shot some video, so here are two songs:


Following my set I was inundated with people coming to buy my Ep and talking to me. Thanks so much everyone again for all your support and kind words. Thanks to Richard Harrison for these wonderful photos.