The ‘Whole Picture’ music video and FREE download…

May 9, 2011

So here it is the ‘Whole Picture’ music video.

It was filmed and edited by my good friend Mr Andy Mort around Coventry and Kenilworth back in February. You can read my blog post all about filming it HERE. I am really proud of the video and the track and would love to know what you think so please get in touch on Facebook, Twitter or email.

You can also download ‘Whole Picture’ FREE by clicking on the down pointing arrow on the right of the image below

I am now working with a great bunch of people called A Badge of Friendship who are helping me promote this ep. Have a look at the Stylusboy mini-site they have created.

I have also posted 15 new promo photos in the promo photos page that Rachel Grisedale (who often sings with me) has taken for me.