January 2, 2012

As it is now the start of 2012 I thought I would reflect a little on the wonderful year that was 2011. It was a pretty major year for me musically and I one that I really, really enjoyed. Here are just a few of my personal highlights…

  • Completing the recording of Whole Picture EP back
  • Making the video for Whole Picture with Andy Mort
  • Sorting out all the press and PR for the EP
  • Playing some amazing gigs in people’s houses, at weddings, on allotments, at festivals, bars and cafes
  • Playing ‘Screen Gigs’ on Ustream live from my kitchen to people all around the world
  • Meeting some brilliant people at gigs
  • Enjoying Twitter and making friends with loads of amazing people
  • Playing bass for Atlum Schema at Greenbelt Festival
  • Doing interviews with music blogs and website from all around the world
  • Getting some very kind reviews of ‘Whole Picture EP’
  • Discovering some amazing new music
  • Getting a number 1 song in Indonesia and then being at number 48 in the top 100 songs on 95.7 Play FM (above Snow Patrol!)
  • Playing the Godiva Festival
  • Being award EP of the year by This is a Popscene

They are just a few of the things that have happened over this year. Richard Harrison has taken many great photos of me this year and this is one that is particularly cool. Taken at the Godiva Festival back in July…
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