March 5, 2012

Last Saturday I played in the studio theatre at Warwick Arts Centre in Coventry. Here is my blog about the whole experience…

It’s seems like ages ago that Tash from the Arts Centre got in touch and asked me about playing. I had been to quite a few Under the Radar night before so I was really excited when I was asked. It was also lovely to have a 40 minute set and be able to include some songs that I don’t often have chance to play live. I picked up Rachel at around half three on the afternoon on February 25th and we headed over to Warwick Arts Centre which is about 20 minutes from my home. I had been emailed the instructions for finding the stage door but as we got near I wasn’t too sure where it was! We got stuck behind 4 buses and in the end I turned around (which was the wrong thing to do) and went a different way, only to realize we were correct in the first place! Anyway, eventually we found our way in and rang the number for the stage manager to come and let us in! After moving my car away from stage door we sat and watched Chris Tye and his band soundcheck.

Rob from Redwood Photography arrived and then Adam Nicholas did too. They were both going to be documenting the gig so I talked to them both for a little while. Then it was our turn to soundcheck. We played through quite a few songs while Rob took photos of us for his blog and we made sure we were happy with everything. It was lovely to a long soundcheck to make sure everything we just right.

We then headed upstairs to find our dressing room which had Hollywood style lights around the mirror, it was so cool. Rachel got very excited by this!

Between the soundcheck and the gig I had organized to do a couple of interviews, one with Rob for his photography blog and one for Amanda who writes for a range of music blogs. It was lovely to meet and talk to Amanda having communicated via Twitter and email for quite a while. You can read Rob’s interview HERE and Amanda’s will be out soon! So we popped back up to the dressing room and got ourselves ready for the gig and then returned downstairs to meet and chat to people who were arriving. Fiona Cox was on first and she played some delightful country folk love songs that went down really well with the audience. Fiona has such a gorgeous voice!

 Then it was our turn. Playing in front of 120 was amazing, if not a slightly scary. People listen intently and it was lovely to be able to perform all the songs from Whole Picture EP, including Dave’s song which I don’t usually play live as it is in a open F tuning which takes ages to get right. This time I had borrowed my good friend Darren’s guitar. Both Rach (who we renamed Bionicgirl for the night) and I were really pleased with our performance. It was lovely to speak to so many people after the gig and hello to you if you were one of those people.

 Finally it was time for Chris Tye who was simply brilliant. Do check him out: http://christyemusic.wordpress.com/

 Here are few photos from the night. Big thanks to REDWOOD PHOTOGRAPHY for his photos and AMANDA PENLINTON for taking these: