Whole Picture Tour Video Blog #1…

May 23, 2011

I thought I would make a little video blog for each of the dates on my Whole Picture Tour. So here is my first one. I edited on a little app called Splice on my IPhone which is a great little bit of kit. Ill try and get some footage of me included in the new one! Anyway I hope you enjoy….

This gig came about when I got in touch with Milly Winter via Twitter about maybe hosting a house show. She said her house was too small to host a show in but she suggested the back room of her local pub, I got in touch with Wes Finch and it went from there. So I set off from my house having looking at the directions on my phone and it all look fairly easy! I was doing well but then I hit the road works, which delayed me some what. Eventually I found the pub but could not find anywhere to park! After driving up and down the road three times I eventually decided to park in the entry by the pub. I headed inside with my guitar, bag and newly created merch case and walked into a pub full of locals looking very oddly at me! I didn’t have to say anything before one of them showed me the door into the backroom! Pretty funny! I met up with Milly who was busy sound checking with her band and then headed out in to the beer garden with Wes. After a little while of rushing around trying to find another microphone for Wes by Milly, I started my set. People listened really well and I was pleased with how I played.  It was great to play in front of ‘live people’ having recently done the screen gigs. I played lot of tracks from the new EP and from Fingerprint but decided to leave out my Idlewild cover, I will include that on Friday.

Wes played after me which was brilliant and Milly’s set was grand too. I was particularly impressed by her song about sharks and bees! A few people picked up copies of Whole Picture and then I made my way home. A grand first date of the tour….