April 1, 2012

So last Wednesday I drove over to play a little show in Birmingham with my good friend JESS MORGAN who was on tour supporting her wonderful new album ‘Aye Me’. I headed over to pick up Rachel and after that I picked up my friend WES FINCH who was coming over as he wanted to Jess play (and me and Rachel too of course!). Anyway, we drove over and had good conversations about new music, touring and life in general. Rach successfully navigated us to the venue and we parked up down a side street, which I have to admit did look slightly concerning. Anyway, we walked around the corner to the venue and met up with Jess.

Ort Cafe is a lovely community ran Arts Centre that is a fantastically quirky and welcoming venue. We set everything up and had a little line check and then settle down for some food. Lentil and Cider Pie which was amazing! The audience started to fill up nicely and I took a trip down the stairs to the toilets which was like going into little underground world. Kind of like outside toilets that used to be outside your Grandma’s house! Even a very polite sign!

We took to the stage and played our set which included two brand new songs, ‘Chasing the Night’ and ‘Lantern’ and another new song which we played Warwick Arts Centre, ‘Eyes Form Tears’ (although I think this is a working title as I a not sure about it!).

All the new songs went down really well and it was great to play them in front of people and get some feedback. Half way through the set the alarm in the next door building (a dance school I think) started going off, thankfully it wasn’t too loud! After we played we sold CDs and people joined the mailing list. Thank you to everyone for their kind words.

Jess played two sets of songs as her voice was struggling a little, although you couldn’t tell at all. She was brilliant and I really hope people pick up on her new album and support it. She is a stunning songwriter and rather good on the old guitar too. A genuinely lovely lady who deserves to be playing on bigger stages to bigger audiences. Please do check her out HERE.

After we chatted to a few more people, we said out thanks you and goodbyes to the lovely staff at ORT CAFE and traveled back home. On the way we listened to the new album by ALL THE FIRES. It is rather good!

Thank you to Ort cafe, Jess and Wes for a lovely evening.