March 28, 2012

I have been interviewed by three blogs recently which have been really interesting to complete. GOLD FLAKE PAINT interviewed myself and Rachel at our sell out Warwick Arts Centre gig. This is a lovely interview and possibly one of the most in depth I have done. I talk about song inspiration and working collaboratively with Rachel on an album. Read the Interview HERE. HEADPHONAUGHT’S NANOBLOG have featured me in their ‘Seven Questions’ section. They say some very kind things about my music including:

“It has a roundness that is wonderful… a completeness that makes me scratch my head in wonder – how can Noah and the Whale be out in the mainstream and these guys aren’t. The music industry doesn’t make any sense sometimes.

Read the interview HERE. Finally EMILY COXHEAD has posted an interview titled ‘Meet: Stylusboy. You can read that interview HERE.