August 5, 2012


We had been looking forward to this show for quite a while. We met Al and Dawn the promoters when we supported Paper Aeroplanes and they were so lovely and impressed by us they asked us to support Lucy ward. Lucy is part if the UK folk scene and plays regularly (and I mean like three or four times a week!!) up and down the country. Burton on Trent was about a 40 minute drive from Coventry and when we arrived we couldn’t quite work out how to get into the venue! After trying a few doors I rang Al and he told us how to get in. My phone had actually directed us to the back of the building rather than the front where the entrance was obvious! We met up with Al and Oolay, the sound engineer and also Lucy Ward . Lucy sound checked and sounded great. The venue was lovely. A community arts centre and the show tonight was in the cafe/bar area. We sound checked and Oolay did a great job of helping us sort the sound on stage. We headed to the dressing room to get ready and also eat some of lovely food Al and Dawn had kindly got for us.

There was a large amount of tickets that had been sold in advance so when the doors opened the seats filled up pretty quickly. While drinking some lovely fruit tea I (Steve) chatted to Lucy and Al about different gigs they had seen and the challenge of people chatting at gigs. It was interesting to share opinions.
As our stage time arrive we waited quietly at the side of the stage. Al introduced us and shared some very kind words about us with the audience. We really enjoyed the set. The audience listened intently and we enjoyed the banter and interaction. At the end of show Al asked us to come back on stage for an extra song! We played our cover of Madness’ It Must Be Love which Rachel sings lead on. It went down really well which was grand! We left the stage pleased with our performance. We chatted to lots of lovely people who joined the mailing list and purchased CDs. Thank you everyone.
We both really enjoyed Lucy’s set. She was very entertaining, not just with her brilliant songs but also with her witty banter! She played two 45 minute sets which the audience loved, especially the songs where they could join in with. Have a listen to our little audio blog of the gig…

Massive thanks to Al and Dawn for putting on such a wonderful gig and for investing in and valuing new artists. Please go down to the Brewhouse for one of their shows!