FOUR THINGS I HAVE LIKED THIS WEEK : 3.8.12 (Edinburgh, Olympic opening ceremony, cooked breakfast and @ToKillAKingUK)

August 3, 2012

Posted by Steve

It has been a month since I posted a ‘Four Things’ blog so here we go…


Last weekend I went to Edinburgh with Mrs Stylus for a long weekend. It was the first time I have been to the city and loved it. It was a good flight up only taking 45 minutes! We really enjoyed the galleries, food and the architecture. I ate far too much breakfast every morning and too many cakes but it was a great weekend. I was very excited by the number of independent record shops I saw as we explored the city. Record shops with actual records just like I used to work it. It was brilliant. It is most definitely a city I shall be returning to one day.


I had heard lots of about the crazy plans for the opening ceremony for the Olympics and I have to say I was slightly skeptical about it all. I watched it from my hotel in Edinburgh and though it was stunning. Danny Boyle created a master piece of performance which moved me; making me smile, cry and be very proud of Great Britain. The sequence in tribute to the tragic events of 7.7 a few years ago was one of the most moving pieces of dance and physical expression that I have seen for a long time. Seeing Frank Turner sing to the world before the official start was also rather fantastic. I am very excited about the closing ceremony. Sadly the YouTube coverage is limited for me to post but here is a fun little video instead!


I am a massive fan of Veggie breakfast! This is one that I had while in Edinburgh and it was amazing. There was a hash brown with peppers cooked in it too! Lush.


I discovered this band through Jade Hopcroft. I was taken by the groove in the song. They have just released their second EP which this song is taken from, as a free download from You can find out more about them on: Check them out…