SOUNDTRACKING #5 by Rachel (@rai_chull)

August 3, 2012

How are you all doing?  Enjoying the summer? Do you have Olympic Fever like me?  How good was the opening ceremony?!!  I wasn’t sure at first; but as soon as those rings were lifted and joined together, I was hooked!  I think I’ve watched more sport these past few days than I ever have in my life!  A couple of days ago we won our first 2 Gold medals, (courtesy of Wiggo and Helen Glover & Heather Stanning) and I missed both…dammit!  But muchos congratulations to Team GB…woop! Right then, on with the music…

The band I’ve chosen for you this week is called ‘Family of the year’.  To be quite honest with you (which I always am!) I know next to nothing about them!  I discovered them through the ‘Noisetrade’ website.  If you don’t know ‘Noisetrade’, I command you to google it now! It’s pay what you want music and, if you’re willing to spend a bit of time looking, you’ll come away with some absolute gems (sometimes even well known artists stick their music on there!).  Anyway back to the band! Who better to tell you about them than themselves?!  Their website says:

“Family of the Year’s story began in 2009, when Joe (Keefe) assembled a band around an album, Songbook, that he completed while decompressing from a five-year stint with Unbusted, the alt-rock trio he started in Boston with Sebastian that gained some notoriety for its inclusion on the soundtrack to the Farrelly brothers’ film Stuck On You. Instead of relying on the distortion of his past, suddenly pianos, horns, acoustic guitars, and other assorted instrumentation were being used to display a more sophisticated—yet equally as playful—indie-rock sound that brings to mind classic pop bands like The Smiths, The Byrds, Fleetwood Mac, and The Go-Betweens.”

The genre is probably a slightly different musical offering than you’re used to from me; but I do tend to listen to varying styles of music, and for me, this band have really stood out from the crowd over the past few weeks.  Even Steven Tyler likes them! Try ‘em out, see what you think…be aware that the second link has explicit lyrics, so please don’t play it to small children or ears that may be offended!  Until next time…cheerio!!