A rather crazy week…

April 18, 2011

So last weekend Ben from Lazy Acre Records emailed me with an idea for Record Store Day which was on April 16th. He wanted me to release a special single and do an online streaming gig from my house! Easy, yeah no worries I thought! haha! A great idea! Ben wanted me to record an Idlewild song but after much thought we decided we couldn’t release it on a single for sale as we didn’t have permission.

So I have spent the last week recording two tracks in my kitchen. I posted up on twitter and facebook prior to starting the recording asking people which track they would like me to record from my last two eps. There were various opinions but I decided that Jigsaw was popular and so I set about recording it. I recorded two acoustic guitar tracks playing the same thing and then did the main vocal in one take. If you listen very carefully you can hear my fridge buzzing in the background. I added some extra backing vocals and a little bit of glockspiel which sounded really nice. I didn’t want to just to release a recording that have been out before. I am really pleased with the vibe on the recording. Have a listen and I would love to know what you think:

Like I said above I wanted to record my cover of ‘When I Argue I see Shapes’ by Idlewild but as we didn’t have permission we couldn’t use it as a track we were selling. So I got in touch with my friend Wes Finch (www.wesfinch.co.uk) to ask him if I could cover his song ‘Air, Land and Sea’ which I have loved since the first time I heard it. He kindly agreed and sent me the lyrics and chords on an email. I played the song through a couple of times to check I knew it and then set about changing it slightly to make it my own. The first thing I did was take the key down a step which suited my voice more. I also changed the style of picking because Wes is an amazing guitarist I had to simplify it! I recorded the vocals and guitar live in one take which although I got the words slightly wrong in one place, I was actually really pleased with the vibe so I kept it. I added a little extra guitar in the chorus to lift it and then some harmonies. What do you think?

I mixed both tracks pretty quickly and mastered them myself on my computer. I then emailed them to Ben. Recording , mixing and mastering complete by Friday evening. Then it was time for the artwork. Ben had said the lovely Laura from Alice Tradegy (www.alicetradegy.org) would do me some artwork and so I emailed her. She kindly agreed. After numerous emails over the Saturday by 5pm we had a final artwork. A brilliant design.

So they you have it, a single in a week. The idea, all the recording, mixing, mastering and artwork done! Good work even if I do say so myself!