December 19, 2011

Yesterday I went back to Marion’s allotment to play a little Christmas gig. Back in the summer I played at her allotment and it was a lovely candle lit evening. You can read all about that gig on this BLOG POST. I picked up Laura who was coming to film the gig again and headed over to the allotment. While on the way I realised that I couldn’t completely remember where it was, thankfully I did remember and managed to find a little parking space pretty close by. After getting out the car and walking up with my guitar and Laura’s gear I realised actually how cold it was (3 degrees!). Marion has set up mulled wine, fresh soup and hot chocolate to keep everyone warm. It was lovely to see lots of familiar faces as well as some new ones. I played 5 of my songs and after which my fingers really were cold and I was struggling to actually feel them!

I had organised with Marion to play some carols for everyone to join in with. I love playing carols, even though they are really quite  to work out on the guitar as they are meant to be played on the organ! Marion has printed out carol sheets and we all sang Silent Night, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Joy to the World and a few others. I finished with a fun version of Jingle Bells which everyone seemed to really enjoy! Yes it was very cold, in fact very, very cold but it was all worth it. I really appreciate Marion’s support with my music so it was great to play this gig for her. We even talked about doing it again when the weather was warm.

This is the film that Laura made for me. Please have a look at her other work HERE, she is very talented!

Richard Harrison who is a wonderful photographer and fan of my music was there and took these brilliant photos. Thank you Richard!


Have a look at Richard Harrison’s other photos his has taken of me on his FLICKR PAGE.