FOUR THINGS I HAVE LIKED THIS WEEK: 8.4.12 (featuring @thefolkuk, Damien Hurst, Caroline Walker and @atlumschema)

April 10, 2012

Sorry this is a little late….

The Folk are 4 young ladies who play folk music a little like The Staves. They were played by Tom Robinson on his BBC6 Music Introducing Mixtape (which also featured ‘Whole Picture’). You can download the Mixtape (as a Podcast) HERE. I really like this song and they are playing lots of gigs and currently recording. Brilliant to see young talent! Good stuff.

I have pretty mixed feeling about Damien Hurst. On the one hand I feel he is a business man who is very clever at making money. However, on the other hand he is a brilliant modern artist who creates original pieces of work that help us to question ‘What is Art?’ He is certainly one of the most talked about Artists of the last decade and will be for many, many years. His works are not always easy to look at but they definitely make you think. Some might argue about the ‘artistic’ skill lacking in making these works? I mean where is the paint?! Where are the hours of sitting carefully painting every detail?! (This isn’t what I think, I am just suggesting!). Andy Warhol had an army of people that produced many of his works for him, under his careful guidance, so isn’t this the same only magnified ALOT? I would love to see this exhibition…

My friend Caroline Walker is studying Photography at Coventry University. She is currently exploring idea of digital pinhole photography and getting some wonderful images. I like the idea and the complete contrast of old school pinhole techniques with the technology. I am looking forward to seeing more images from her soon…


Mr Andy Mort ( is making his podcast again. It is very funny and interesting. I can’t really write alot more about it. Please go and listen….