FOUR THINGS I HAVE LIKED THIS WEEK : 16.4.12 (Featuring Hunger Games, Carrot Soup, A Train Cafe and Recycling)

April 15, 2012


Last Monday evening I went to see Hunger Games at the cinema. I haven’t been to the cinema for ages and ages and I have to admit that until Sunday evening when I decided what to see I wasn’t really aware of Hunger Games. I knew a little bit about the film from what I had read about it but I have to say I was utterly impressed. It was brilliant filmed and produced. The acting was very intense and I loved how it was all believable enough to draw you in but also crazy enough for you to think it was a piece of science fiction. The plot was very cleverly played out in the film and I was gripped through the entire film. It was a challenging film but one where hope and love a strong. I loved that line in the film about how fear can control people but hope, especially collective hope, is more powerful that fear. Love wins?


It was my birthday last Wednesday and for lunch I had home made carrot and sweet potato soup. It was lush as I had made it the night before and so all the flavours had really intensified well! My lovely lady wife had also made fresh home made bread which was amazing! I am big fan of home made soups but I need to discover some more. Have you got any good suggestions? Please do send them my way via Facebook or Twitter. In fact it was quite a carrot themed birthday! I along with the soup I also had a carrot cake birthday cake and three identical comical carrot birthday cards! Amazing!


On Saturday I went for a bike ride along the Greenway in Stratford which is a short drive from Coventry. About half way on the Greenway is a cafe in an old train. It was wonderful. Not only was the idea of a random train wonderful but the cafe and tea were rather good too. The Greenway is along the old Stratford train line and so that is the link. It was brilliant decorated inside and served a range of a lovely food and great tea and coffee. It also did a veggie breakfast and even a veggie sausage batch! Yum! The cafe has been there for years but I have only just discovered it. If you have a look on their website you can see how the train was lifted in by a crane! It is amazing. I will be back there again soon hopefully! Check out:


This week I discovered a great Facebook page called CREATIVE RECYCLING IDEAS which has loads of lovely ideas for recycling a range of house hold objects. Some of the them are crazy and you would never do in real life, but like the one above, some a very simple and look great. I am not a massive eco warrior or anything but I do really like trying to look after things and reuse them as much as possible. So take a look and see if you are inspired.

More FOUR THINGS next week….