April 20, 2012

It is RECORD STORE DAY on Saturday and I thought I would contribute a few little thoughts about records and music. This first post is about my Dad and his record collection.

My Dad loves music and loves records and CDs. He has so many CDs he sometimes buys the same CD twice because he isn’t sure if he has it! It was my Dad who introduced me (and still does) to a range of great music. Don’t get my wrong, my Dad also likes some I think is tripe (I mean rubbish!) but alot of what he listens to is great and some is even brilliant. When I was a teenager he was always introducing me to music, most of which at the time I thought was pretty bad but now I rather like lots of it. It was my Dad who took me in to the record shop where I worked for a couple of years while at Uni (that is another blog) and he bought me my first stereo from Comet. It was a Comet below a bowling alley and it was really noisy because you could always hear the people rolling the balls down the lanes above!

One person who my Dad loves is a guy called Bruce Cockburn. He is not the most trendy or that well known singer songwriter but brilliant all the same. I have lost count of how many of his albums my Dad owns, I reckon it must be over 20. I didn’t care that much for Bruce Cockburn until I got a copy of a recent live album which is simply stunning. It captures Bruce’s magic guitar playing and quick wit in the live arena. It is now one of my top 10 records, possibly ever.

Elliot Smith is another person that my Dad introduced me to. Elliot is an American singer songwriter that is one of my favourite artists. The first album that my Dad gave me was Either / Or and then Figure 8. Tragically Elliot Smith died in 2003 but he is still an incredibly influential songwriter. If you haven’t listened to his stuff please do…

 Thanks Dad for all the great music. My second Record Store Day blog all about working in a record shop will come soon…