Glockenspiel Master…

February 2, 2011

It was another cold and dark evening as I headed to Chris’ studio (sounds like the start to a very exciting story!!) last Monday. I arrived at his studio armed with my glockenspiel as ‘tonight Matthew I was going to be master glock player’! Haha, no really. Anyway, we loaded up the tracks and started working out the glockenspiel parts for The Whole Picture. It took a little while to get it right and a few cheeky edits here and there but it sounded grand. First job complete in under and hour. Good work! Cup of tea time! Chris really does make really marvellous tea!

 By the time we started worked on Beyond the Flags the little electric heater had made the place really rather cosy, which was good! I played glockenspiel parts on this song too which didn’t take as long, as they weren’t  quite so complicated. Last time I was in the studio Chris has brought out his banjo, as we really wanted to add some to this track. Now neither of us are ‘proper’ banjo players but we worked out a few parts playing the same melody as the glock. Then in the chorus section I added a repeating melody which worked pretty well. We gave the track a very quick mix with rough levels and decided we were happy. Less is definitely more on both of these tracks.

 It was getting fairly late but we had a listen to Find Something Worth Keeping, which is probably the quietist track on this ep. Rachel and I had recorded a piano part on my IPhone a while ago so we listened back to that and Chris played the part. It was pretty much as quick as that, straight forward and hey presto, job done.

 So that is four tracks pretty much now musically complete. Next session we will work on my cover of Gunfight at the OK Corral by Atlum Schema. Can’t wait! I hope you are finding these blogs interesting, I am enjoying writing them and reflecting on the sessions.