July 29, 2013



“Ditch the TV”, an acoustic night at the Maudsley pub in Allesley, is a large part of our Coventry Musical diet…If we’re talking in culinary terms, it would definitely be one of your “5 a day”! We were lucky enough to play this evening for the second time (as a duo) on 28th June, alongside Suzy Indygo and Barricades Rise. It is one of our favourite nights!

On this particular evening, we were up against the beautiful weather and the fact that Primal Scream were playing at the Kasbah! Regardless…the room soon began to fill up with the friendly faces of those who wanted to hear some homegrown midlands talent!

First up was Suzy…I’d only really conversed with Suzy through Instagram before, I was aware of her; but hadn’t really chatted. I have to say, she is one of the lovliest people you could hope to share a stage with! Humble and talented! Her bluesy style was unlike anything Steve and I have achieved, and as a lover of blues music, I was really excited to hear Suzy’s songs and hoped to pick up inspiration! The crowd listened intently and she was met with the rapturous applause she so rightly deserved at the end of her set. An artist I’d happily pay to see!

Next up was us…surprisingly, I wasn’t so nervous! “Ditch the TV” always has a friendly crowd, who you really feel are willing on and wanting you to succeed. It really is a pleasure to play there! We wanted to test run a few of our new songs, see what the live vibe felt like. I know I felt that the set went really well, the new songs seemed to go down a storm. The were lots of very positive comments at the end and the EPs were flying out of the door! All good in stylusboy world!

The last act on we’re the wonderfully energetic “Barricades Rise”! Again, I’ve not really met the guys before, twitter has been the only contact! (I’m starting to think I should leave the house and meet real people more!). These guys brought the house down, great energy, great songs and very much loved by the crowd!

All in all a great eve!