November 30, 2013


After such a busy time recently we are going to be slowly blogging about the recent bunch of live shows we have played…

Back in October, one of the first dates on our little ‘Hospitality for Hope’ Tour was at the Brewhouse in Burton Upon Trent where we opened for Emily Baker. It is lovely venue and the hosts Al and Dawn really do look after their act,s well giving us lovely food and fruit teas when we arrived. They really do love their music and have some brilliant acts play for them. This was the second time for us at The Brewhouse, as we supported Lucy Ward there a few months ago.


I arrived in plenty of time even after taking a few wrong turns (my phone’s fault, not mine!). It was great to meet Emily having chatted online. It turned out we knew quite a few people mutually which often happens in the wonderful musical circles. The soundcheck was fine, even though Rach arrived a little late due to heavy traffic. After a short time the venue filled up nicely and the audience were beautifully attentive. This was the first time we were going to be selling the album at a show which, honestly, felt quite strange. It was something we had been working really hard towards but when the time arrived to share it in public felt slightly odd, but good!

We really enjoyed the performing the album songs and sharing our stories of car crashes (that’s another blog!). The audience at The Brewhouse are always very attentive and kind which is so lovely.  We played a 35 ish minute set of mainly album songs. It is funny to think that these are the songs that people will know us by now, rather than our earlier work. This is a good thing. They represent us more than previous work. Anyway, enough reflection on to more random stories.

Emily played a fantastic set of songs and was accompanied by Fiddes Smith  on guitars and mandolin. He played one of his own songs during the night which I was blown away by. You need to check out Emily’s work on her website HERE. Emily’s songs are just gorgeous, each one full of emotion and thoughtful, intricate lyrics.  After the music had finished it was brilliant chatting to people and finding out about them. This is one of the best things about playing shows.


All credit to Al and Dawn for taking the time and making the effort to put on these wonderful nights. I would implore you to attend one soon.