July 11, 2014


After I had played the Peace Festival I headed over to play my second show of the day! I had seen and heard lots of good things about Night of the Musicians and I wasn’t disappointed! Set up in the backroom of The Wild Boar in Warwick, Night of the Musicians is an evening of music hosted by Matt Handendez who works tirelessly in the Warwickshire area and hosting numerous musical evenings.


I arrived to find that a few people had already taken their seats and were ordering food ready for the music begin. First up was Joe Dolman, a 17 year old singer songwriter, with a large online following. He played a collection of lovely songs and he is very much someone to watch and listen to what he is producing. Second on stage is was Anna Ryder who played an eclectic collection of songs on both guitar and piano.


It was than my turn. Sometimes when I step on stage I start to feel really rather hot! The stage lights and the warmth of the day hit my rather hard! Anyway, the audience were lovely and extremely attentive. We exchanged lots of banter which is always fun!

stylusboy-night-of-the-musicians.jpgThe headliners were The Swaps who play blues / folk music which was brilliant! I hasn’t had chance to check them out before the show but I was blown away them. The female singer whose name I did get chance to find out, was amazing! She was like an Aretha Franklin soul diva! The audience loved them and it made for a wonderful end to the evening. Big thanks to Matt for organising and promoting the evening.

Thanks to John Wright (Again!) for all the photos below.

stylusboy-night-of-the-musicians-15.jpg stylusboy-night-of-the-musicians-14.jpg stylusboy-night-of-the-musicians-13.jpg stylusboy-night-of-the-musicians-12.jpg stylusboy-night-of-the-musicians-11.jpg stylusboy-night-of-the-musicians-10.jpg stylusboy-night-of-the-musicians-9.jpg stylusboy-night-of-the-musicians-8.jpg  stylusboy-night-of-the-musicians-5.jpg stylusboy-night-of-the-musicians-4.jpg