July 11, 2014


A few weeks ago I travelled over to Leamington, which is about 25 minutes from Coventry, to play at Leamington Peace Festival. Over the yearsI have played this festival a number of times in different bands because it is a lovely intimate festival.

My Stylus family came over with me and we found a good place to park which was behind the main stage and not too far from the Bandstand where I was playing. My new guitar case came in very handy as I was able to carry everything over to the stage in one go! Rachel and I were performing on the Bandstage Stage, which is very much as it sounds, a bandstand. I play on a lot of stage but the sound on this stage is simply marvellous. Bungle the Soundman is amazing! He asks what we wants and they mixes it from out front on his iPad, it’s a lovely contrast to the relaxed ‘Woodstock’ vibe of the festival.


I really enjoyed playing. The sun was shining and people were lovely and very relaxed, sitting on the grass and soaking up the vibes! The crowd were great for banter, thank you to everyone who joined in! After we played lots of people came to buy CDs and chat to us. Massive thanks Neville, the festival volunteer, who sold the CDs for us. Once I had played I stayed around and enjoyed the rest of the festival which made for a brilliant day. Thank you very much Leamington.

stylusboy-leamington-peace-festival-2014-2.jpg stylusboy-leamington-peace-festival-2014.jpg stylusboy-leamington-peace-festival-2014-1.jpg   stylusboy-leamington-peace-festival-2014-5.jpg

Big thanks to John Wright and Dave Atkinson for the photos below.

stylusboy-leamington-peace-festival-2014-6.jpg stylusboy-leamington-peace-festival-2014-10.jpg stylusboy-leamington-peace-festival-2014-9.jpg stylusboy-leamington-peace-festival-20141-8.jpg stylusboy-leamington-peace-festival-2014-8.jpg stylusboy-leamington-peace-festival-2014-7.jpg stylusboy-leamington-peace-festival-2014-11.jpg