Musical Discoveries (Guest Blog Post) by Wes Finch

October 2, 2011

I thought it would be really interesting to ask some of the wonderful people I know to write a blog post. I have asked various people and will post one each month. I have given them no rules or ideas! So first up it is the very talented Wes Finch…


It’s a wonderful warm feeling to ‘discover’ a new artist or record, something that is new to you at least, and fall into and in love with the songs and the voice. It may not happen so much now with ipods and mp3s but holding an LP record sleeve or CD booklet in your hands, drinking in the artwork and poring over the sleeve notes, is all a part of that too.

 That’s one type of discovery. Maybe a friend gave you something to listen to on recommendation, you read a post in a blog like Stylusboy’s here, or you took a lucky dip at the record shop or library and you came up trumps (I discovered Tom Waits’ Bone Machine at my local library which blew me away and I’ve been a fan ever since). Then as you become aware of that group or artist you may start to notice interviews or articles about them you wouldn’t have paid mind to before.

 Perhaps you’ve done as I have when listening to the music and reading the sleeve notes or interview and thought “I wonder who that is that they’ve mentioned there…” or “I didn’t know that song was a cover, I wonder who wrote the original”, or “I wonder what the heck a Wonderwall is…”, (It’s the name of George Harrison’s first solo album among other things) and looked a bit deeper.

So, that’s how listening to Jewel’s first album led me to read books by Henry Miller and Anais Nin, how Eric Clapton made me curious to check out Robert Johnson, how Tom Waits got me into the stories of Breece De J’Pancake (I know!), how Franz Ferdinand made me sit up and listen to Nuetral Milk Hotel and how Norah Jones introduced me to Hank Williams through Cold, Cold Heart. And that’s just step one – from there it can lead you on to someone, somewhere or something else.

So, I encourage you to search out that name, that place, that book if it comes from someone whose work you already like, and discover something new by that route. I can honestly say that I’ve discovered a lot of great things sooner than I would have otherwise, if at all, in this way.

 Happy listening,


Please check out Wes’ music on Here is a lovely little video featuring Wes: