Want to remix Stylusboy’s music?

October 1, 2011

I thought it would be really interesting to ask people to remix all the songs from ‘Whole Picture EP’ so this is what I am doing. I have been in touch with several people who are already busy on remixes which is very exciting. I thought I would also offer anyone else who would like a go the individual tracks (stems) to Whole Picture. You can download my vocal, Rachel’s vocal and my guitar via my DROPBOX (VOCAL STEM, VOCAL 2 STEM, GUITAR STEM) (click on the links). Here is the original version:

Whole Picture by stylusboy

If you haven’t got a Dropbox account it only takes a few minutes and is a useful thing to have anyway! If you do want the stems and have any problems please do just get in touch. If you make a remix please share it with me privately via Dropbox, Soundcloud or any other site. I would love to hear what you can create. I will pick three remixes of Whole Picture to be released. The deadline for your remixes is November 5th (just in time for Bonfire night!). Happy remixing and I can’t wait to see what you can create!