SOUNDTRACKING #6 – @rai_chull

September 20, 2012


Hands up if you like Sigur Ros or Bon Iver? Ah…I see many of you have great taste! Good good…

During our time at GREENBELT FESTIVAL, we were lucky to catch a band called ‘IMMANU EL‘. My feeling is, if you like the two afore mentioned bands, ‘IMMANU EL’ will be right up your street. They are a Swedish band, that were formed in 2004 by 16 year old Claes Strängberg as “a musical experiment”, and according to their bio, “The ambition has been, ever since the start, to create something captivating and beautiful”. My advice? Get a pair of headphones, sit in your favourite chair, close your eyes and listen to their latest album “in passage”. You’ll soon see that creating something captivating and beautiful is exactly what they have achieved. Massive soundscapes will draw you in and treat your brain to some much deserved escapism. I don’t know what’s happening in Scandinavia at the moment; but they are producing quality artists by the truckload…and ‘IMMANU EL’ are no exception.

They say:

“Immanu El is not only a project but – as sentimental as it might sound – an affair of the heart.” – VISIONS

”Swedish postrock romanticism or hauntingly whispering hover-pop. Sigur Rós without fairy-tale forest” – ROLLING STONE

I say…don’t be the last on the ‘IMMANU EL’ train and if you are offered a chance to see them live, TAKE IT!! You won’t be disappointed!

Now get a load of this song and their Facebook/MySpace/twitter…
Twitter – @immanuelband

P.S You’re welcome 🙂