September 12, 2012


Our Sunday at GREEENBELT FESTIVAL began very well indeed…It had stopped raining! Hurrah! If Steve hasn’t told you enough about the rain, let me just say…rivers appeared, tents were floating and I wore ‘town and country’ wellies all day, every day. IT WAS EPIC. We decided that to avoid more apocalyptic/monsoon style precipitation (which was forecast for 9am, Monday morning) we would pack down the tent and leave Sunday evening. This meant trekking all of our stuff back to the cars. In fairness most of the stuff was mine and Steve did several brilliant buckaroo impressions, whilst I did “hapless-female-who-packed- far-too-much” impressions. Several hours of trekking and one golf cart ride later, we were done! We set off into the village to have lunch, charge the iPhones and see a few bands before our gig in the evening. Sunday was the first time we’d been out in the day without a fixed schedule. It gave us a chance to wander and gave me a chance to see some of Greenbelt that I hadn’t explored. I’ve never been to Greenbelt before and I wasn’t sure what to expect. A lot of friends over the years have told me what a great festival it is and nagged me to go; but I just never got around to it. I’ve got to say, I really enjoyed myself! And that’s coming from a girl who spent a lot of time in wellies and a rainmac, trying to prevent her hair from becoming a giant lion mane (for those of you who are ‘friends’ fans, think Monica in Barbados…”it’s the humidity!”).

We saw a lot of great acts on Sunday. RODDY WOOMBLE (of Idlewild), who’s laid back country-folk style worked really well on a sunny afternoon. I loved that he sat down for all of his set, like he was in rehearsal! HOPE AND SOCIAL were the energiser…an obviously seasoned festival band who knew exactly what the crowd wanted! (probably even more than the crowd did!). It was my first time seeing/hearing them and I was impressed! (We bumped into their guitarist and co-founder Rich Huxley whilst watching The Proclaimers later on…What a thoroughly nice chap!).

Steve then wandered off to the far side of the village (the most muddy part…honestly, it was just mush) to get PIEMINSTER for tea. THAT is commitment to the pie!!! He even told me he’d eat it over there and see me in a while, as he didn’t want to risk dropping it on the slippy slidey journey back. “ONE MAN, LOTS OF MUD AND A PIE”…soon to be a major motion picture (that last statement may or may not be fabrication). Throughout the weekend I’d become slightly obsessed with falafel from one particular food cart, “Johnny Baghdad’s”. Nothing could beat it (despite Steve trying to convince me that Nuts cafe had the best falafel…no). Pitta? CHECK. Salad? CHECK. Yummy falafel? CHECK. Salsa & mint yoghurt? CHECKKKKK! Oh momma…it was amazing. Seriously, it’s a crime to walk past that stall without buying falafel. Needless to say, that was my evening meal on Sunday! I was finishing up just before The Proclaimers launched into “letter from America”…how is it that you always know waaaay more proclaimers songs than you thought you did? Spooky speccy power! They obviously ended with “500 miles” (I would have complained if they hadn’t!) the congas and Peter Kay marching was in full flow (including me) as we left to make our way to “the shed”.

We’d been invited to ‘The Shed’ to play a few songs and be interviewed by the fantastic Greenbelt youth! We arrived and watched EMILY SARGANT (check her out) play, she was great and so lovely! Soon it was our turn to sing, we did a few originals and had prepared a special cover of “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz. I hoped they’d forgive me having the words close by, we’d only played it through 4/5 times and there are a lot of words to learn! They all sang along at the top of their voices, and there was definitely some dancing occurring! I think it went down well!! We were then interviewed, one of the questions was, “Steps or S-Club?”. Now, I never realised that I felt so strongly about this; but it appears that when faced with such a question, I pick s-club! After all…there ain’t no party like an s-club party! We met lots of great people and even duetted with Emily Sargent in an impromptu cover of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”! What fun! We said our goodbyes and headed off to the Canopy stage to catch a band.

The Canopy was my favourite venue of the whole festival, I discovered so many bands there. If you read my soundtracking blog which will be posted very soon, you can read about the band we went to see on Sunday night: IMMANU EL. All I’ll say is, they were incredible. Shivers down the spine, goosebumps etc. I came straight home and downloaded their latest album. I encourage you to do the same!

We then headed back to the cars, de-wellied and started the journey home. Sad to be leaving; but glad to be dry and heading for a proper bed! A great weekend for Stylusboy! Thanks Greenbelt! Hopefully see you again next year!