September 7, 2012


We set off for GREENBELT FESTIVAL bright and early on the Friday morning. I was quite tired to be honest having had a late night the previous day finishing off all the Whole Picture Eps! My car was loaded with guitars, camping gear and CDs! After about an hours drive we arrived at Cheltenham Race Course and collected our tickets. We then managed to get on site pretty quickly to set up our tent. It was quite funny as I hadn’t set up the tent for quite a few years so it took us a while to get all the poles in the right places! We eventually got it sorted and set up our comfy sections of the tent. Rachel likes her home comforts and somehow managed to fit a full size double blow up mattress into her sleeping section! I was quite happy with a role matt in my side. Anyway, we ate our enormous pasties that Rachel has purchased and made our way to the festival village to sort out our CDs with the lovely people at the G Music Shop.

After that we made our way to play a little tent gig for Chris from our mailing list whichwas great fun. We played 6 songs including our cover of ‘Dynamite’, which we had been practicing ready for the show in The Shed Acoustic Café on the Sunday night. Chris shared his BBQ and made us tea and a good time was had by all. We spend the rest of the Friday checking out bands like MEGSON, THE LEISURE SOCIETY and drinking lots more tea!

I woke up on Saturday to the sound of rain on the tent. After having our breakfast of Oats So Simple blueberry and apple porridge we headed out into the rain to collect the guitars from the car and walk over to the Performance Cafe venue. We arrived earlier than we needed, in fact so early we actually beat the sound man! Roger, the venue manager and Katie, one of the venue hosts, looked after really well. We felt relaxed and got things sorted out on stage. The Performance Cafe filled up nicely as we as the time came for us to take to the stage.

 We really enjoyed our show and audience were very kind and welcoming. We were able to add an extra song (OPEN) in to our set as is was running really smoothly. About half way through the tent became really packed out! Either our music was drawing people in or it had started to rain very hard (it was actually the latter, or maybe a combination of the two!!).

The Performance Cafe audience just as we had finished our set

 After the show we did an interview with Holly from Demon FM and then headed over to the G Music Store. During the walk over a rather large black cloud started looming and we started saying “are we going to make it?” well the answer was no! Just as we were almost there the rain started coming down. Two minutes later, as we were sheltering in G Music, the thunder started and the power stopped in the shop! I have never seen such heavy rain before. You could barely see out of the tent and the water was just rushing in from every angle! Anyway, after a short time the power was fixed and the rain eased a little. We played a short set which went down really well. We chatted to people after the show and then headed back to the car to leave the guitars in the boot.

We spent the afternoon dodging massive downpours and watching some great live music. The full band ATLUM SCHEMA was great, JOSE VANDERS was brilliant and FLIGHT BRIGADE were stunning!

Atlum Schema

Around 7pm we decided it might be a good idea to head back to check our tent had not been washed away. We literally had to wade through shin deep water to get to the tent which thankfully had not leaked or been washed away! Saturday ended with us eating some lovely food (although it was an adventure getting it, listen to the AUDIO BLOG!!) and listening to the wonderful Rachel Sermanni. A really great, if very wet, Saturday at Greenbelt!

Rachel’s blog about Sunday is coming soon! Here are some photos of our performances.