Vocal recording..

February 21, 2011

On Saturday I spent the day at Chris’  Studio doing a long vocal session.  I arrived at 11 on Saturday morning and it was pretty odd seeing the studio in the day light, as most of the other sessions have been in the evenings. We had discussed at length the best way to approach the vocal recording. Should me and Rach sing live and get a live vibe or do it separately. End the end we opted for separately, which was definately the right decision. Chris and I set everything up and then Rach arrived. Chris made the essential tea and we we started work on the songs. I managed to bag all my vocals by 1 o’clock, what a pro!

After that we had a pizza break and listened to the recordings of my vocals. I was happy so we started work on Rach’s vocals. We did the basic backing vocals on all the songs and then went back over the songs adding bits and bobs to each track. It is sounding really good. We added some egg shaker and handclaps to a section in The Whole Picture, only for Chris’ Mac to crash! The handclaps were lost, which had taken ages after I was making strange noises between each clap, but it wasn’t that bad! We actually decided that it sounded better without the claps! It must have been the Mac agreeing with us!

The last song we worked on was Dave’s Song. We had originally recorded drums for this but after listening back to it Rach said the drums just weren’t giving the right vibe, so we decided to scrap them and record it again. We decided I would record the guitar and vocals live and then Rach would add her vocals afterwards. So I carefully tuned my guitar, as it has a different tuning to usual and got ready. I nailed it first time (It was a good day for me!) I managed to capture a good vibe and play and sing it well enough. Rach recorded two takes of her vocals before this happened…


But all was ok! So there we go it looks like it may well be finished. Just the mixing to do and then on to the promotional work and release dates! Exciting times!

Have a look at my gallery to see more photos from the session.