Walking around making a music video…

February 22, 2011

Today I have been working with Mr Atlum Schema (aka Andy) to make the music video for The Whole Picture. This is the lead track from my EP which is going to come out in May (more details coming very soon).

We started off by meeting at The Varsity at Warwick Uni to plan and have lunch, apart from Andy couldn’t find it, which didn’t make for a great start! I drove round trying to find him but after little success headed back to the pub and rang him and gave him directions with more success. After a good cooked breakfast lunch (veggie for me and full on meat for Andy) and planning our ideas we made our way in my trusty Nissan Micra to a quiet country road. Well at least we thought it was going to be quiet! Several cars interupted the filming and oddly enough we are sure at least three of the cars came past more than once! I must have looked very odd singing songs on a country road and they wanted a second look! After this first location we headed to a local cycle path where we started filming part of the narrative section to the video. After we had hidden various envelopes and filmed me finding them again we headed back to the car. At which point the camera battery died but we were pretty cold anyway so we made our way back to The Varsity for hot drinks and pudding! We also charged up the camera and looked at the footage so far.

We then headed out to Kenilworth, which is just outside Coventry, to film me singing with my guitar and to try and find a bench for another section of the narrative that Andy wanted to include. So, I sat in the middle of the park on my guitar case and sang out loud, it was a very odd experience but alot of fun. I was very surprised with how people just ignored me and Andy! Eventually we found the type of bench we were looking for and filmed the next section of narrative. This was pretty funny as people walked past us giving me very odd looks as a read lots of books from my amazing suitcase!

The video won’t be online for a while but I’ll post it up as soon as it is released. Andy is a complete star and a top chap! Cheers Andy.


 Here is a little video I made while we were searching for a puddle…