December 10, 2013


This show came about after Robbie Boyd’s management got in touch with Polly at Wild Sound. They asked if we would like to open for them at the Accademy in Birmingham which was very exciting. After a busy week of gigging we were on a roll as we arrived at the venue. When we arrived, Robbie and then band were busy sound checking and they sounded great. Crisp harmonies, catchy tunes, big guitars and all menagerie of other instruments. Now some people say that Robbie Boyd and I look similar. I do not know what they are talking about!


We were shown to our dressing room and then waited for our sound check. We didn’t have to wait long so we got everything set up pretty quickly really. We sorted the sound pretty quickly and the engineer, who name escapes me, worked really hard to make sure we were happy. We then headed out of the venue to find some food. We went to a fast food place and ordered a pizza. Those of you who follow us regularly will know that for me at least, this is pretty usual. I prefer a good salad and green tea! Haha. However, the pizza was grand, greasy but grand! We headed back to the venue and got ourselves ready. Now I know this spouted crazy but I decided to do this show hatless! Yes, that is right no hat!

20131201-124425.jpg       20131201-124441.jpg

Nick Bennett opened up first and played a great set of acoustic songs in the vein of Damien Rice.  He was a lovely chap who is working had to get his music out there so do check him out.  We enjoyed our set. It was fun being on a large stage than we are use to playing. The on stage monitoring was loud which was great! After our performance we, as usual, enjoyed chatting to people. We even met a CBBC star who has been part of a programme called Turbo Boost. Robbie had worked with him during the program to develop his performance techniques.

The Robbie Boyd band played a storming set full of audience participation. Their music is very upbeat and full of hooks which stick in your head. It was brilliant chatting to the band after the show and hopefully we might share the bill again in the future.

20131201-124453.jpg          20131201-124505.jpg