December 17, 2013

We have been receiving lots of press and radio coverage over the last few weeks so we though we would update you with some of the kind words people are saying. First up you can read an interview with did with Muso’s Guide and you can listen above to the interview and live track we recorded at The Green Note for Tin Can Review.

Mixtape Couture“This album is truly stunning and a wonderful listen. From the quieter moments to the upbeat, pop fuelled folk they have created 10 very different and excellent songs and it shows a truly promising career for Stylusboy.”

Fortitude Magazine: “Think mellow, think folk, and now take a minute to imagine all that garnished with wonderful harmonies and well-written lyrics… Yes, you got it- Stylusboy in one!”

Right Chord Music: “Stylusboy are definitely one to watch, successfully developing their style in a genre that’s enjoying great popularity at the moment and is reminiscent of the soundtrack to Once.”

High Tea Cast: “The diverse but complimentary vocal work between Rachel Grisedale and Steve Jones work together really brilliantly. The harmonies they produce together are both catchy and effective throughout.”

Fatea“It’s when you listen properly, you realise how deceptively simple the album sounds, the quality of the performance that has made the album seem effortless.”

Little Indie Blogs“An optimism rarely exhibited in folk music, and that, despite it’s pop sensibilities, is precisely what ‘Hospitality for Hope’ boils down to, a contemporary folk album that’s not afraid to smile.”